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How many pairs of shoes do you own? Be honest. If you’re the type that makes do with a single old pair of raggedy sneakers, then, maybe, just maybe, you should consider stepping up your shoe game. But, if you’re like most fashion-conscious women, and you’ve got more pairs of shoes than what a caterpillar would wear, if caterpillars wore shoes that is, then you know how important having shoes, and more importantly, having a brand new pair of shoes can be.


Shoes are much more than gloves for your feet. They’re actually rather indispensable. While you could go without gloves, you can’t really go without shoes on account of we’re standing on them all day in offices or sidewalks, at home or wherever. Shoes protect our feet like armor, improve our posture, and if they’re especially stylish, can improve our appearance and our confidence. Not surprisingly, many of us sometimes opt for the latter benefits than the first, that is, if they really look good.


It’ comes as no surprise to most women who have worn high heels in the past, that those beauties can actually end up causing some mild discomfort. But as the old saying goes, no pain, no gain! Women will proudly wear a pair of beautiful high heeled evening shoes to compliment their outfit and enhance their overall appearance even if they cause a little soreness. And how can you blame them? If you've ever seen a pair of Alexander McQueen’s corset heels, you would want to strap them on no matter how they feel. That’s not to say that all high heels will result in you having to amputate a foot, as many of the best haute-couture designers like Salvatore Ferragamo for instance, are dedicated to making shoes that both look good and feel good.


It’s actually become such a truism, the importance of shoes in women’s lives, that it has become the butt of the most repetitive and tired sitcom and comedy movie jokes. But, who cares? So what if women really like shoes? Actually, if you think about it, if you know any particularly stylish man or a man who expresses even a rare interest in his wardrobe, he’ll undoubtedly take a moment to focus on his footwear. So it’s not really an issue of sex or gender at all. Shoes are important!


There’s an old saying that goes, you can tell a lot about a man’s shoes. The same thing goes for women obviously. If you’re going to be spending a pretty penny on your outfit, you’re not going to want to skimp out on the footwear. And if you think nobody’s looking at your feet, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Stand tall and proud on high-quality, stylish footwear and the world will stand up and take notice too. Whether you’re looking for sneakers, flats, boots, or heels, you can rest assured that we’ve got a wide selection of all different types. Check them out and be sure to treat yourself.